Small Group Training



We believe that SGPT at Fitlife is the very first of its kind.

We match groups of 4-6 people to train together based on their ability, goals and personality.
We deliver one coached session to the group by the same coach at the same time each week, just as we would for a 1-1 client. This means the coach will create that same understanding, knowledge and trust created in a personal training session. These sessions are 50 minutes long with a lifestyle and habit coaching session. You’ll then have access to 2 additional workouts via the Fitlife training app, just as you would get from an online coach.
These sessions come with demo videos, exercise history (so you know what weights to use), reps, sets and comments that you can make to the coach. You can then do these sessions at a time that works best with your busy week either on your own in the gym or with one or two of your buddies from your group of 6.
This offers more flexibility, more accountability and more connection than any other training programme can offer.

- One membership fee of £179/month includes:
- Onboarding for you and intro to your group of 6.
- Assigned coach.
- 1x 50 minute coached sessions at the same time each week.
- 1x 10 minute round table each week to encourage and influence your lifestyle habits.
- 2 x workouts via the Fitlife training app each week.
- Weekly lifestyle habits to focus on what will be a catalyst for your long term success.
- Unlimited access to FitLife gym.
- Unlimited access to all of FitLife’s mainline classes which include Yoga, Pilates, Fury, Fire and more.
- WhatsApp group with ONLY your group of 6 + your coach.
- Option to bolt on specific training blocks or workouts (eg HYROX, Olympic lifting, mobility).

Can I choose my group of 6 or be in the same group as a friend?
Yes of course, in fact we encourage you to. We see the most success come from friends or family who attend together.
What if I want to change groups or can no longer make the time of the weekly session?
We will do everything we can to find another group that works better for you.
What if I am a complete beginner?
Great! We have beginner specific groups.
What if I don’t like using the gym?
You’ll have access to all of FitLife’s classes as part of your membership. You will still get your coached session, habit and lifestyle coaching plus your gym workouts but you can still access your favourite classes too.
How long is the membership?
The membership is 3 months long. After 3 months you have the option to go to do another 3 months with either the same group or a different group, or you can drop to programme only so you can still have access to the Fitlife training app and all the workouts.
When can I cancel?
We need a 30 day notice if you won’t be renewing your small group membership.
When can I start?
We will get you started as soon as possible.
Can I join a group half way through the 3 months?
We try our best to avoid this as we do not want to disrupt the current group. However, if the group agree to it we can accommodate this.
What if I get injured?
Our expert coaches will be able to sub exercises and work around injuries.
What if I miss a couple of weeks with holidays or illness?
That is where the beauty of having the online programme and access to your coach comes in.
You have chance to catch up with missed workouts or do these whilst you are away so that you keep making progress.