We give the popular spinning class a touch of the Fitlife magic dust. We have built a self contained spin studio that we believe is the best indoor cycling experience in the area.

We have a varied timetable, aimed to please the metric obsessed power chasers in our Power Zones class; those who love to get lost in the rhythm in HIIT and Hills; for a strength-building leg burner try out Rise and Climb and beginners wanting to build confidence can join our Ride Foundations workshop.


POWER ZONES (30/45/60)

Motivated by metrics? Get ready to use the most sophisticated group performance technology to track your data on the big screen, through our Power Zone rides! The effort levels are tailored to your individual fitness level (based on your own FTP score), so no need to try and keep up with the person next to you – just focus on improving your own performance week on week. The perfect indoor workout to elevate your speed, endurance and power goals.

HIIT AND HILLS (30/45/60)

Get ready to lose yourself in the music! Find 45 minutes of freedom by immersing yourself in this high energy, euphorically feel-good class. HIIT and Hills is the perfect blend of power and pace, with high intensity intervals and strength building hills. Track the numbers in front of you on your bike, or just get lost in the rhythm – either way, you’ll get a sky-rocketing spindorphin buzz after this workout.


Keen to jump in on the spin hype, but don’t know your RPE from your RPM?! We have curated an intensive Ride Foundations workshop, to help get you newbies ready to unleash on the timetable. Over the course of 4 weeks, you will cover everything from comfortable bike set up, riding positions, effective pedal strokes, understanding effort-level lingo and an introduction to power zones and heart rate. Each session will include 20+ minutes of riding, to get your heart pumping before you leave.


The resistance is about to get REAL. This strength building workout will take your willpower to new heights as we crank up the dial in this climb-based class. Track how much power you’re pushing on the display in front of you, or just let those power ballads push you to another level.

FTP TEST (Functional Threshold Power)

Determining your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the perfect first step towards learning your cycling specific strengths and weaknesses. Take the guesswork out of your training and set your own benchmarks by taking the FTP test. This 20 minute test is designed to identify your highest average power output, to help you determine your power-based effort levels. Then join one of our Power Zone rides and watch your performance data increase week on week!

Virtual Rides

Utilising our Stages Flight screens with Google Maps integration, for a real climb experience, we’ll ride through climbs and sprint the flats together to a power-pumping playlist around real life routes in the UK.