FitLife Academy

It is so important for children and young adults to be active. As the physical body is developing, being active is essential.

From a young age, we encourage our children to play sports, which is a fantastic skill to learn at such a young age. But in reality, very few continue sports later in life, but the need to remain active never fades. On top of this, we believe that by improving your movement skills, will directly improve the sport in which you play.

We have developed the Fitlife academy for these three primary reasons.

1.We teach children and young adults how to lead a healthy lifestyle that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

2. We use fundamental movement skills to unlock athletic potential.

3. We believe that to create a well rounded athlete, we should not specialise in one specific sport until the age of 14+.

We run Academy sessions from pre school age to 15 years old, with age specific movement skills in each session.

The primary focus for every session is for the child/young adult to have fun. We believe that enjoyment is the key to long term healthy habits.

The sessions we run are:

Fitlife Infants - Reception, Year 1 & 2.

Location - Haddenham Village Hall

Monday's 4pm

- Crawling

- Climbing

- Jumping/Landing advanced

- Manipulation

- Stabilisation

- Sport related skills (Hand eye co ordination)

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Fitlife Juniors - Year 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Location - Haddenham Village hall

Monday's 5pm

- Bodyweight strength

- Stabilisation

- Speed & Agility

- Manipulation

- Advanced sport skills (Hitting, Kicking)

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Fitlife Teens - Secondary school ages.

Location - Fitlife Haddenham

Wednesday's and Friday's 5pm

- Strength

- Resistance training

- Speed & Agility

- Technical movements (Squat, hip hinge)

- Gym integration

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