Why the Vaccine is a band aid for a bullet wound

We all needed some hope and joy as we enter the festive period. And we got both at the start of December - The announcement of the Vaccine being rolled out in the UK gave us hope and the re opening of gyms and other businesses gave us joy.

The necessity of a vaccine can't be denied. To reunite us socially, to begin to rebuild businesses and to give the ability to travel freely are all made possible again by the vaccination. But what it won't do is address the underlying health inequalities than run like a fault line through our communities, which have contributed to the tragic level of fatality we have experienced.

Pre covid,

60% of the UK did not achieve 150 minutes of physical activity* per week.

From March 2020 - May 2020,

67% of the UK did not achieve 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

In November 2020.

76% of the UK did not achieve 150 minute of physical activity per week.

The 14% decrease of activity in the UK is estimated to relate to an increase of 30 million more GP visits in 2021.

How can this be? When cardiac and respiratory health is the number one factor that contributes to the ability of fighting off the virus. How are more people neglecting the one thing they can do to improve this?

More stats:

Studies have shown that low-moderate exercise for 30-60 minutes per day can improve your life expectancy from cardiac and respiratory related deaths by 27%.

If you combine that with short 20-30 minute moderate-high intensity exercise 2-3 times per week, this number increases.

That combination, along with healthy lifestyle choices will dramatically increase your chances of staying around longer in this life.

Check out this Ted Talk on the optimal amount of exercise for greater life expectancy.


So forget the vaccine just for one moment, just imagine that the phenomenal science geeks are unable to find a vaccine and it will take at least 5 years to bring one to the masses. What would you do to protect yourself and others? Stay in to stop the spread, or work on bulletproofing your heart and lungs?

Here is a week in the life of someone bulletproofing their heart and lungs.


60 minute brisk walk.


60 minute brisk walk.

30 minute workout.


60 minute easy cycle.


60 minute brisk walk.

30 minute workout.


60 minute easy cycle.


60 minute brisk walk.

30 minute work out.


60 minute cycle.

If you want to chuck some resistance training and yoga in their then good for you. But this is the absolute basics for making sure you have the most bullet proof beating heart and set of lungs possible.

Forget the by product of looking and feeling amazing. This is life, this is living. Fight the good fight.

*Physical activity is defined as a brisk walk or something that requires moderate effort.