No medal needed.

Steven Gregory

What IronMan are you doing?

The first question I get asked when I tell people what I am training for. And I get it, have you even done it if you don't have the medal to prove it? Well, answer this for me... If you went out now and ran 26.2 miles, have you ran a marathon? or does it not count because it wasn't an official event?

So here's my answer to what IronMan are you doing... I'm not.

On June 2nd, me and my mate Tom will turn up to a lake at 6am, jump in and swim 2.4 miles, get out and ride our bikes 112 miles, get off and run 26.2 miles. No wave time or start gun, no transition zone or timing chip, no medal or official photograph. Just us, our body, our mind and a goal that will stretch us to the outer limits of our capabilities.

Tom asked me what I thought of trying to do an IronMan after his work colleague, mid 40's, 3 kids and a wife, died of COVID. Without hesitation I was in. Tom's not an athlete, he's ran a marathon before, and done a couple of small triathlon's, but the realisation of life being to short and wanting to get the most out of his body whilst he still can, is exactly what I live for. So why would we wait until the events reopen? Or pay £500 for an entry fee and have to lug our kit to wherever the event was. If our reason for doing this is to live our life to it's full potential, there really is no medal that can satisfy that. The art of living is in the doing, not the achieving.

So we want to invite you to join us for the running leg, which will be local. We will be running 26.2 miles off the back of 112miles or cycling and 2.4 miles of swimming, so we know we won't be quick, maybe 5.30-6.00/km pace (9-10 min miles). And we feel it's a great opportunity for people who want to live their life to the full, to run with us. All we ask, is that you test yourself in terms of distance. If you've never ran 10k before, run 10k with us. Never done a half marathon, run a half. Never done a marathon, run it! Life is here to be lived, do not wait for a medal.

Setting a goal that will stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone is a perfect way to ignite the fire inside. And crossing that imaginary finish line, to complete that goal is like no other feeling. If you have never been at the finish line of a marathon event, or triathlon, then you haven't truely seen what raw emotion pours out of people when the realisation sinks in that all the months of hard work have pad off. Watch this and you'll see what I mean.

Our run leg will start at roughly 3-4pm on June 2nd. We hope you'll be there with us.

Feel fit. Love life.



Steven Gregory