More than a gym

Steve & Jess

As we write this, we are sat at our kitchen table, our two year old is eating (throwing) his pasta, and on the way home from a very hard day at work (Jess is a primary school teacher), she saw a runner out wearing the bright neon Fitlife t shirt. It got us chatting, and ultimately asking the question of why?! Why do we see the streets of Haddenham and other villages lined with Fitlife T shirts, because to be honest they are ugly things. I mean you'd never walk into a sports shop and pick out our bright neon logo and think, yeah that'll go well with my gym outfit.

It's really difficult to put into words what it means to us to see those runners out there wearing the Fitlife colours. Most of the time we just kinda think oh yeah that's cool, and then other times you kind of think WHAT THE HELL!

We remember hiking up a mountain in Lake Garda on our honeymoon in 2015. We had decided we were going to go for it and Jack in our careers to set up a gym. We argued like crazy on that hike. We disagreed on just about most things other than one simply fact. That we would make sure that every person that became a member, wouldn't just feel like they were part of the gym, because any gym can do that. We wanted them to feel like Fitlife was part of them. We wanted them to walk into whatever that place looked like and relax. We wanted them to feel a belonging, like we had their back through the good times and the bad, we wanted them to feel like they trusted us.

And now, sat here in lockdown number 2, 5 years and 3 months after that hike in Lake Garda. We really do feel that for all those members, all the staff, all those runners out there wearing the Fitlife brand, those people that share our posts, that join us on live stream workouts, that interact with us and have become friends. We really do feel that after all that we have been through this year, Fitlife has become part of you just as it has us. And we can't even explain what that means to us.

Until we see you again. Stay strong. We are here for you.

Feel fit. Love life.

Steve & Jess.


Steve & Jess