Dear Exercise


Dear Exercise,

We've known each other for so long, back when I took my first steps. Although, in those early days I didn't call you exercise, I called you playing. I loved you back then, we were best friends for years. But as I've got older, it's become on and off for us. Sometimes we are distant from each other, not your fault I know but life just sometimes get's in the way for me. But when we reconnect, wow it's so good, you make me feel young again and in those periods when we are close I can't wait to see you all the time and life just feels so great.

But this morning, it starts again. Our daily battle of friendship. You always say "You won't regret it", and I always say "but I'm tired and busy". The incredible thing about you though exercise, is wether I do or I don't, you're always there tomorrow, and the next day, and forever after that.

Thank you exercise, for always being there when I need you. You've taught me resilience, self belief and inner strength.

Exercise, you are wonderful.