An obsession with why we exercise

Steven Gregory

I have now owned a gym for over four years, in that timeover 2000 people have been through the front door. I have become obsessed withthe reason why people exercise, or more to the point why people don’t exercise.But let’s focus on why for now.


Tomorrow, Monday 23rd November 2020, Boris and the government will decide if gyms Will be allowed to reopen in December. So far, I have supported every decision the government has made to protect us and our loved ones against coded 19. However, if they decide that gyms are not yet deemed essential or safe then my patience will be tested to the extreme.


My obsession of observing members and guests before and after they exercise has been a fascinating experience. The reasons people often think of as to why people exercise couldn’t be further from the truth. The physical benefits of attending a gym are secondary. Every day, I see people walk into the gym with their heads down, headphones in, barely wanting to speak,a clear indication that something in their life he is having a negative impact on their mental state. You may not believe me when I say that just 45 minutes later they are completely transformed. They may have been in the gym, or to a class, and allowed themselves to move, sweat, lift, or whatever else they choose to do. But the way they walk out of our building is the quickest transformation that you are ever likely to see.


My obsession with monitoring this has always been as a business man trying to tap into why they chose Fitlife. But this has allowed me to understand the importance exercise has on our mental health. Now I know I am not the first person to understand this, and this is far from ground breaking, but my fascination has even led me to start a podcast purely for the reasoning ofSharing stories of these findings. So trust me Mr Johnson, gyms are essential.


Make the right decision.


Steven Gregory